Essays in Postmodern Culture

    • Introduction: Antinomy in the Net
    • George Yudice, "Feeding the Transcendent Body"
    • Alison Fraiberg, "Of AIDS, Cyborgs, and Other Indiscretions"
    • David Porush and Alison Fraiberg, Commentary on "Of AIDS, Cyborgs, and Other Indiscretions"
    • Stuart Moulthrop, "You Say You Want a Revolution"
    • Paul McCarthy, "Postmodern Pleasure and Perversity"
    • Roberto Dainotto, "The Excremental Sublime"
    • Audrey Ecstavasia, "Fucking (with Theory) for Money"
    • Elizabeth Wheeler, "Bulldozing the Subject"
    • Robert Perelman, "The Marginalization of Poetry"
    • Steven Helmling, "Marxist Pleasure"
    • Neil Larsen, "Postmodernism and Imperialism"
    • David Mikics, "Postmodernism, Ethnicity and Underground Revisionism"
    • Barrett Watten, "Post-Soviet Subjectivity"
    • About the Contributors
    • Note: The essays listed here refer to the original text that appeared in the journal. The texts that appear in the print volume are revised versions of those original publications.

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