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P  TMODERNCU  UREPOS  ODER       E           of interdisciplinary
Volume 3, Number 1 (September, 1992)              ISSN: 1053-1920
                 SPECIAL FICTION ISSUE
Guest Editor:                         Larry McCaffery
Editors:                              Eyal Amiran, Issue Editor
                                      John Unsworth
Book Review Editor:                   Jim English
Managing Editor:                      Nancy Cooke
List Manager:                         Chris Barrett
Editorial Assistants:                 John Jenrette
                                      Jonathan Beasley
Editorial Board:
      Kathy Acker                     Chimalum Nwankwo
      Sharon Bassett                  Patrick O'Donnell
      Michael Berube                  Elaine Orr
      Marc Chenetier                  Marjorie Perloff
      Greg Dawes                      David Porush
      R. Serge Denisoff               Mark Poster
      Robert Detweiler                Carl Raschke
      Henry Louis Gates, Jr.          Mike Reynolds
      Joe Gomez                       Avital Ronell
      Robert Hodge                    Andrew Ross
      bell hooks                      Jorge Ruffinelli
      E. Ann Kaplan                   Susan M. Schultz
      Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett   William Spanos
      Arthur Kroker                   Tony Stewart
      Neil Larsen                     Gary Lee Stonum
      Jerome J. McGann                Chris Straayer
      Stuart Moulthrop                Paul Trembath
      Larysa Mykyta                   Greg Ulmer
      Phil Novak
AUTHOR & TITLE                                              FN FT
Masthead, Contents, and                              CONTENTS 992
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Guest Editor's Introduction                          MCCAFFER 992
Kathy Acker, "Obsession"                                ACKER 992
Robert Coover, The Titles Sequence from                COOVER 992
_The Adventures of Lucky Pierre_
Ricardo Cruz, "Five Days of Bleeding"                    CRUZ 992
Rikki Ducornet, an excerpt from _Birdland_           DUCORNET 992
Rob Hardin, "Dressed to Kill Yourself"                 HARDIN 992
Annemarie Kemeny, "Attempts on Life"                   KEMENY 992
Marc Laidlaw, "Great Breakthroughs in                 LAIDLAW 992
Darkness (Being, Early Entries From _The
Secret Encyclopaedia of Photography_)"
William T. Vollmann, "Incarnations of the            VOLLMANN 992
John Tranter, "Brekdown"                             POP-CULT 992
Two Threads: Cladistics and Cut-Ups                  PMC-TALK 992
(Excerpted from the Discussion Group
PMC-TALK@NCSUVM, 7/92-8/92)
Bill Millard, "Bargaincounterculturalcapitalism:     REVIEW-1 992
Gear and Writhing at the New Music Seminar."
A review of the New Music Seminar and New York
Nights, June 15-21, 1992, New York City.
Russell Potter, "The Black (W)hole of Bataille:      REVIEW-2 992
A Genealogy of Postmodernism?"  A review of
_The Accursed Share_ vols. 2 & 3, by Georges
Bataille, and _Heterology and the Postmodern_,
by Julian Pefanis.
Alan Aycock, "Post-Literacy."  A review of           REVIEW-3 992
_Literacy Online: The Promise (and Peril) of
Reading and Writing With Computers_, Myron
Tuman, ed.
Susan Schultz, "Postmodern Promos."  A review of     REVIEW-4 992
_A Poetics_, by Charles Bernstein, and _Radical
Artifice: Writing Poetry in the Age of Media_, by
Marjorie Perloff.
Kevin Kiernan, "La Condition McGann."  A review      REVIEW-5 992
of _The Textual Condition_, by Jerome McGann.
Rebecca Stephens, "Postmodern Woolf."  A review of   REVIEW-6 992
_Virginia Woolf and Postmodernism: Literature in
Quest and Question of Itself_, by Pamela L. Caughie.
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