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     Sianne Ngai                                          
    Arturo Arias, Constructing Ethnic Bodies and Identities in 
    Miguel Angel Asturias and Rigoberta Menchu
    Judith Butler and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, A Dialogue 
    on Global States, 6 May 2006 (not available in text-only 
    Melinda Cooper, The Unborn Born Again: Neo-Imperialism, The 
    Evangelical Right, and the Culture Of Life
    Karen L. Kopelson, Radical Indulgence: Excess, Addiction, 
    and Female Desire
    Hong-An Truong, The Past is a Distant Colony | 
    Explosions in the Sky: two videos (not available in 
    text-only version), with an introduction by Viet Nguyen, 
    Seeing Double: The Films of Hong-An Truong
    Bill Freind, After the Author, After Hiroshima. A 
    review of Araki Yasusada, _Also, With My Throat, I Shall 
    Swallow Ten Thousand Swords: Araki Yasusada's Letters in 
    English_. Eds. Kent Johnson and Javier Alvarez. Cumberland: 
    Combo, 2005.
    Theresa Smalec, Not What it Seems: The Politics of 
    Re-Performing Vito Acconci's Seedbed (1972). A review of 
    Marina Abramovic's _Seedbed_. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 
    New York. 10 November 2005.
    Michael Mirabile, History and Schizophrenia. A 
    review of Sande Cohen, _History Out of Joint: Essays 
    on the Use and Abuse of History_. Johns Hopkins UP, 2006.
    Jehanne-Marie Gavarini, In the Still of the Museum: 
    Jean-Luc Godard's Sixty-Year Voyage. A review of _Voyage(s) 
    en Utopie, Jean-Luc Godard 1946-2006, In Search of Lost 
    Theorem_. Paris: Pompidou Center, 11 May-14 August 2006.
    D. Harlan Wilson, Stylistic Abstraction and Corporeal 
    Mapping in _The Surrogates_. A review of Robert Venditti 
    and Brett Weldele, _The Surrogates_. Issues 1-5. Marietta: 
    Top Shelf Productions, 2006.
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                      Notes on Contributors
    Arturo Arias, Constructing Ethnic Bodies and Identities 
    in Miguel Angel Asturias and Rigoberta Menchu
    Abstract: This essay is concerned with explaining the 
    ethnic and gender contradictions in Guatemala as 
    represented in two books, I, Rigoberta Menchu and Mulata, 
    that are emblematic of this country's two Nobel laureates, 
    Miguel Angel Asturias (1967 Nobel Prize for literature) 
    and Rigoberta Menchu (1992 Nobel Peace Prize). The essay 
    argues that both writers articulate a politics beholden 
    neither to the nation-state nor to transnational politics, 
    but rather reorganize the ethnic question altogether 
    through a process of "resemantization" that transforms 
    ethnic identities in a way that destabilizes 
    racial and gendered hierarchies. --aa 
    Judith Butler and Gayatri Spivak, A Dialogue on Global 
    States, 6 May 2006, at the Global States conference, 
    University of California at Irvine, with an 
    introduction by the conference organizers (not 
    available in text-only version)
        * Abstract: In their dialogue, Butler and Spivak 
    discuss alternative subjectivities and state forms in 
    a "global state." In arguing for the possibilities 
    afforded by forms of belonging that are unauthorized 
    yet exist within the state, Judith Butler suggests that 
    the "right" to rights arises in the form of social 
    discourse--calling for freedom is already an exercise 
    of freedom. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak disarticulates 
    the identity of state and nation and develops the 
    concept of critical regionalisms as a new analytics of 
    power that rethinks territoriality and sovereignty. 
    --Global States conference organizers 
    Melinda Cooper, The Unborn Born Again: Neo-Imperialism, 
    the Evangelical Right, and the Culture of Life
        * Abstract: Taking its cue from the political 
    rhetoric of the Bush regime, this article attempts to 
    understand the complex relationships between neo-liberal 
    free-marketism, evangelical faith, and the culture of 
    life now at work in U.S. politics. It argues that the 
    claims of unborn life are central not only to the sexual 
    politics of the religious right but also to an 
    understanding of postmodern U.S. nationalism, imperial 
    power, and indebtedness. In this way, it attempts to 
    explain how the seemingly anti-foundational tendencies 
    of neo-liberalism are nevertheless haunted by recurrent 
    bouts of sexual and moral fundamentalism. --mc 
    Karen L. Kopelson, Radical Indulgence: Excess, 
    Addiction, and Female Desire
        * Abstract: The notion of excess has for some years 
    now served as a productively disruptive trope for 
    feminist theories working to recuperate feminine desire 
    and to outmaneuver patriarchal structures of containment. 
    Yet a particularly derided form of excess that has not 
    been as thoroughly redeployed to feminist ends is that 
    of addiction or intoxication. While addiction has 
    certainly been fully problematized--by feminist critics 
    and many others--this essay works from the premise that 
    such discussions have so stalled as to remain figurative: 
    they study representations of addicted subjectivity in 
    media texts, for example, or, more often, make addiction 
    allegorical of other phenomena. This essay, conversely, 
    analyzes the ontology of addiction as it is embodied by 
    the female subject, and works to rehabilitate excessive 
    drinking/drug use as another form of women's lived, 
    embodied protest against patriarchal structures 
    that work to contain subversive feminine desires. --klk 
    Hong-An Truong, Two Videos: The Past Is a Distant 
    Colony | Explosions in the Sky and Viet Thanh Nguyen, 
    Seeing Double: Two Films by Hong-An Truong (videos 
    not available in text-only version)
        * Abstract: Two short films by Hong-An Truong 
    juxtaposing Viet Nam's colonial past and its American 
    war, with an introductory essay by film scholar 
    Viet Thanh Nguyen. --ed 
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